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Around 4,500 people came on 5 June to demonstrate against racism and police violence in front of the US Consulate. Photo: Maja Andresen.

Interview | Black Lives Matter

Racism: „You will always tell the story from the perspective of the White people.“

After the death of George Floyd: Thousands of people demonstrated in Hamburg against racism and police violence. Abimbola Odugbesan organized the demonstrations. An interview about the Black Lives Matter movement.
Auto im Elbtunnel

What moves car owners?

Privately owned cars keep gaining a bad reputation in cities. Germany is known as a paradise for cars. And the heart of people in Russia also beats for cars. We talked to car owners in St. Petersburg and Hamburg about their vehicles.

Ungewollt nackt im Netz

Non Consensual Porn: „Da gehen Leute dran kaputt“

Intime Fotos und Videos werden oft auch ohne Zustimmung der dargestellten Personen ins Netz hochgeladen. Das Hamburger Start-up „Am I in Porn?“ bietet seinen Nutzern die Möglichkeit, ungewollte Aufnahmen aufzuspüren.